A Comparison of Analysis and Resynthesis Methods for Directional Segmentation of Stereo Audio
Jeremy Wells

Corrected final version of paper (presented at DAFx11)

Wavelet filter sets
Sets 1 and 2 available from here (as part of the DTCWPT Toolbox)
Set 3
Set 4

Matlab code
Code which illustrates the algorithms used to produce these results can be downloaded (as a .zip file) from here

Audio Files

There are three sets of audio files to download (as .zip files). Each one contains 129 files:

4 separate instruments (4)
The stereo mix of these instruments (1)
31 x 4 separations (the labelling of the audio files corresponds to Tables 1-3 (124)

Instrument Mixture  (original instrument recordings from http://auralization.tkk.fi/node/17/)

Speech  Mixture

Percussion  Mixture